Artist statement


I am a queer, mixed class, mixed race participatory fiber artist exploring the intersection of nature, healing, and the human psyche. Before working with communities, I begin inward, interrogating my emotions to understand the process of forming visual vocabularies. A key function of my work is engaging with the modernist fetish of rigid enclosures: grids and stages. Through process-heavy mediums with organic themes, my work balances abstraction and grid structures to enable vulnerability and contradictions, both essential to personal and collective cathartic healing processes. I explore emotions and the natural world through grid structures through the traditional weaving warp:weft relationship. By redesignating the grid from a necessity to a suggestion, my work incorporates painting, fiber, printmaking, digital, and drawing to explore movement and conflict. At times my work strictly abides by the grid; at other times, the grid is a skeletal suggestion.

In my participatory practice, I co-create spaces while building shared languages that facilitate community cohesion, healing, and self-actualization, particularly through traditional and new fiber making. My practice plays with the division line between artist and audience in order to create dynamic works that nourish the collective psyche. Drawing on my experience in digital product development and human-centered user experience design, my artistic practice juxtaposes the planned, iterative nature of technology design with a focus on improvisation: unplanned printmaking, weaving, and drawing that use abstraction to enable nuance.

My artistic practice spans place-- I have lived and worked in Turkey, Morocco, the US, the UK, and India-- and discipline-- my work ranges widely and includes collaborative community weaving, launching startups, and orchestrating letter exchanges-- to explore the relationships between nurturing community processes and creating personal conceptual works. With a double BA from Wellesley College and a MSc from the London School of Economics, I bring together my diverse background in international development, civic-focused technology, and community organizing to collaboratively reimagine what’s possible.