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Some of these participants are friends interested in 'being in the orbital of [my] projects.' Others are people I don't know. They were opted in by a mutual contact. Hello friend once removed.

changePoste participants will receive a letter, which experiments with the impact of mail in self-care and community building in a variety of ways. It may prompt action, illicit conversation, provoke shared experiences among strangers.

Those moments are captured anonymously here.   


Poste 1: Appreciation

You are you. They are them.
You wouldn’t be who you are without them.
-> Say Thanks
-> Cook them a meal
->Send them a letter
Poste what happened.
— Month 1, changePoste

poste Engagement

Cooking is something I greatly enjoy from a creative and cathartic perspective. But I often find it more enjoyable when sharing the results with other people. After attending a weekend trip to Mexico in March consisting of artist-led workshops (and amazing food), I was prompted to get back into the swing of hosting dinner parties as a way of bringing together incredible people. 

As someone who leans more introverted than extroverted, I prefer 1:1 or small group situations to engage in meaningful conversations, paired with a setting that is conducive for relaxing and opening up. Living in NYC means ample opportunities to meet seriously amazing people. But the flip side is that encounters are typically in passing, and intervals between seeing each other can span months or even years. 

I decided to bring together nine people who have all had an impact on my life while in NY at various phases - and show them my appreciation for their friendship, insights, and creativity - by cooking a multi-dish meal of the Mediterranean flavor. Wine and laughter were flowing, and conversational topics covered an extensive range. Six hours of lovely engagement. Couldn’t ask for more.

While I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to take a photograph of the evening, here is one of another meal I made this month for a dear friend, so pretend there are 10 lively people also in the scene!

It's a delight to get mail, so I'm passing on the joy! Sending this postcard from Sisters, in Brooklyn, to a Sister who I know will appreciate the love, and who I don't appreciate enough!

It's a delight to get mail, so I'm passing on the joy! Sending this postcard from Sisters, in Brooklyn, to a Sister who I know will appreciate the love, and who I don't appreciate enough!


Maybe because of the election, I thought about "us" versus "them." Then I thought of how scary/interesting it would be to cook a meal for a Trump supporter...

poste 2: Inclusive Discussion

LAST MONTH we appreciated those we seldom thank enough. Let’s change pace this month.

INCLUSIVE DISCUSSIONS - Imagine you’re at a meeting of the minds. A dinner of thinkers, doers, tasters, and makers, mulling over what a more just world looks like.
Whose voice is missing?


Take a photo, share a story, write poetry, host a discussion on transformative voices in your life. They teach you and they belong at your table.
Looking forward to it,

ps- NEVER too late to poste
— Month 2, changePoste


I'm late to posting...but this call towards inclusivity framed my summer in a lot of ways...I (co)hosted many gatherings. A picnic, a BBQ or three, two book clubs, a retreat, and for all of them, I tried to be as intentionally inclusive as possible. It worked. People who wouldn't normally talk together did talk together, and even better, they got to eat yummy food together.  I certainly made some mistakes in hosting- too much food, too much money spent, inaccessible locations-- but I know that the conversation in my life is far richer than it was just three months ago. Thanks for sparking and reinforcing the importance of this! (Here's a photo of one of those gatherings...)


The season is changing.
How have you?
— Month 3, changePoste

Credit where credit's due

These places, projects and people have in one way or another influenced this project.