Store front commission, Brooklyn, NY.

I find such joy in collaborating with people, volunteer groups, and organizations to produce installations and fiber pieces. In my approach, exchange for the piece you commission from me can come in the form of trading skills, products, time, or money.

Key Components of Collaborations with KLM:

  • Design Process: We journey down a design process together and use a variety of tools to surface a visual language of shapes, colors, lines, use of space that’s specific to you. More than that, we’ll center the piece on something meaningful to you — something you want to be reminded of, to make physical and tangible. It could be an emotion, a feeling, an intension.

  • Weaving Process - I’ll take that visual language from the design process to inform the weaving. My weaving process is highly improvisational, using your shapes and emotions to create something that is, in itself, me processing and making tangible your inner vision. I often don’t know the destination of my pieces and in this, we won’t know either. But we’ll get there together!

Reach out if you’re interested in collaborating: