Welcome. My name is

kacie lyn martinez


and i’m on a journey to understand how individuals and communities self actualize.

I do this as a participatory fiber artist / tejedora, facilitator, and independent designer for organizational systems and high impact programs. I do this as someone who’s mixed race, mixed class, and queer, as someone who comes from a line of healers, weavers, violence survivors, and traveling peoples.

For over a decade and across five countries, I have designed installations, programs, and experiences that reimagine inclusive, safe, engaged communities and organizations. I’ve worked internationally with startups, women’s shelters, social impact orgs, LGBTQ+ groups, organizers, among others.  With a double BA from Wellesley College and a MSc from the London School of Economics, I bring together my diverse background in international development, civic-focused technology, and community organizing in my work with organizations and community groups.

Whether I’m building a participatory public art wall of hope or working with nonprofits as a freelance COO, there are a few key components to my work:

  • curiosity and laughter

  • polyvocal, iterative organizing and planning

  • vulnerability and safety

  • values-driven systems thinking

  • equitable and strategic stakeholder engagement

 What I'm really interested in is creating spaces, tools, and technologies that honor our humanity, are cathartic and restorative, and give us the capacity to collectively envision what's possible.

Let's dream together. kacielynmartinez(at)gmail(dot)com

Exciting things in the works

I was interviewed on Gist Yarn’s Weave podcast where I spoke about my participatory fiber practice.


I facilitate community tapestries, which bring people like you together to participate in a tactile process of engagement & dialogue. Find one to weave on or bring a tapestry to your community.


l send seasonal emails, a discrete artifact for reflection, celebration, (semi) public questioning, sharing, and sowing. Below is a link to a past newsletter.