Design Workshops


I facilitate interactive workshops for a variety of purposes:

  • community-centered design

  • values-informed strategy

  • user feedback

  • transformative visioning

I’m particularly skilled at creating space for individuals with diverse conversational styles, thought processes, cultures, expectations, identities to align and explore.


Recently, I co-facilitated an interactive workshop at the Hindsight Conference:

Transformative Visioning: Recentering Planing and Movements in Hope

How did we get here? Toxic news and negativity feel like they’re everywhere, and our work towards social justice isn’t immune. We find ourselves divided, and it’s easy to get caught up in work so ‘practical’ that despite 'wins', nothing really changes. To break this cycle, we need creative visioning and planning that is collective, transformative, and imaginative. In this experiential workshop, grounded in our experiences with participatory education/research and arts-based public visioning practices, we will create a framework for transformative visioning processes. Through discussion and art-making, we’ll surface tools to reclaim our agency in community-driven design, research, and planning towards shared values, collective dreaming, and hopeful visions.

connect with me IF YOU’D LIKE FACILITATION SUPPORT: kacielynmartinez (at) gmail (dot) com